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Dear readers, please send me some pictures and a brief text on the instruments you have built or experiments you have done using the instructions on my site. I'll be happy to publish them here. In particular, let me know how your instruments work, any difficulties you may have had in building them, or any possible changes to the original designs. I would also appreciate any suggestions to improve the readability of the articles and to make the experiments easier to perform. Finally, let me know your comments on the experiments, how you liked them, etc.

Many projects at FSG can be made better or simpler. For example, for the focussing system of the "Simple Stereoscopic Microscope", you could substitute an already made device like a bellows unit for macrophotography.

As far as your personal information, your name is enough. But if you wish, you may also send me your last name, the town where you live, your country, your age, a picture of you with your instrument or the experiment you have performed.

Alvaro Amaro de Azevedo

Exploring the Possibilities of
Single Lens Microscopes

Article Published in the September 2005 edition of Micscape.

The article on the "Glass-Sphere Microscope" stimulated Alvaro into starting some exciting research to improve the performance of this instrument to find its magnifying limits. It is a very interesting article! The hunt is still on, and anyone can still contribute to the improvement of this simple but amazing microscope.

Wesley English (USA)

A Homemade Portal to the Microscopic

November 2005

Inspired by the article, "A One-Dollar Compound Microscope", Wesley built his own from parts bought at the local hardware store. Read his blog entry to see the final product and a picture taken through the microscope.



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