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This is a wonderful site; seeing these instruments makes me want to start building. .... and I will! Thank you;
Rupert Hector - optical machinist - books and tools - Melbourne - Fl - Au - Fri, 26 Dec 1997

I checked this site out just to see what it was about and I WAS VERY IMPRESSED it is very straightforward and is sure to peak our future scientists interest not only in the sciences themselves but also in the art of developing tools and ideas for further exploration of all the sciences. I would like to see more sites this on the web. I would like to see some of our science teachers look into some of these sites as well. It would definitely give them some good ideas.
Terry Dean - Warehouse worker - most areas of science, especially life sciences and astronomy, and computers - Flagstaff - AZ -  Thu, 25 Dec 1997

this site is very interesting, it was very useful for me.
alonso de la garza - profesor in metallurgy - microscopy, physical metallurgy, manufacturing process, computer simulation -
san luis potosi - slp, mexico - Tue, 16 Dec 1997

I am always looking for interesting, hands on activities to incorporate into my science classes.
Jill Mitchell - 7th Grade Science Teachers - Life Science - Litchfield - Il - Tue, 16 Dec 1997

Hi, this a cool site thank you for doing the work.
Mike Roberts - Electrician - Tinkering in my shop. - Bountiful - Utah - Mon, 15 Dec 1997

I am searching documents about the microscope ( not stereoscopic ) .
chambon - student  - lyon - france - Sat, 13 Dec 1997

This site was very helpful in finding something for my daughter.
Darius - Military Policeman - Jack of all Trades. - El Paso - Texas - Wed, 3 Dec 1997

Cool site.  I can hardly wait to make the glass sphere microscope.  I think Leeuwenhoek was one of the most fortunate scientists in history.  I hope that reproducing his microscope will let me feel even a tiny amount of what he must have experienced when he first discovered his "animicules".
paul grover - carpenter - cell biology, natural history, science history - west lafayette - IN - Sun, 30 Nov 1997

Great Stuff Guys/gals.
Brett G. Miller - Science Teacher - Sports, Hiking and autoracing - Napier - New Zealand - Sun, 16 Nov 1997

Good Site. I especially liked the article about making a van Leeuwenhoek microscope. Very good. Our amateur microscopical society meets every fortnight in a class room at the van Leeuwenhoeklaan! in Zoetermeer. I sometimes show visitors the birthplace of van Leeuwenhoek in Delft. Kind regards,
Jan Parmentier - retired chemist and research manager - biology, nature photography, astronomy - Zoetermeer - Netherlands - Mon, 17 Nov 1997

great page...i like the ideas!
Alicia Baisley - college student - teaching biology - cedarville - oh - Sat, 08 Nov 1997

I thought this was a great site. It's the first one that has science experiments that I might actually be able to use.
I especially liked The Sky In Your Room. What a great way to wake up in the morning! Please keep putting up interesting experiments (that someone my age can do).
Lori - High School Student - Wed, 29 Oct 1997

I'm very awared of this page. i find a lot of interesting here. thank you for presentation.
artyom  - scholar - chemistry, physics, english, computers, fishing - Daugavpils - Latgaly - Sat, 25 Oct 1997

love your page
Karen Slagle - reading, playing the piano, dancing (ballet and tap), singing, ice-skating - dallas - texas - Sun, 19 Oct 1997

I think that science is something that should be involved in everyones lives. What i mean is that science is the study of nature which man has gained through theories, observation , experimentation, etc
peter mendiola - plumber - to become someone i'm not - saipan - Sun, 12 Oct 1997

i will try to un=zip these files the mini info on "blood cells" was great.!
please send me any other updates. thanks tcjohn@3lefties.com
sandy johnson - MT ie clinical laboratory scientist - girl scoouts / boy scouts / nature . camping , hiking / sewing -
clovis - nm - Sun, 05 Oct 1997

Thanks for the articles, I am a Cub Scout Leader and my kids enjoyed your article on the microscope! All 6 of them built the unit described as one of our projects and had great results again thank you for the information
Jeff Davis - Special systems contractor - All Science's - Mustang - OK - Sun, 05 Oct 1997

I just want to say you that your site is very interrested. (I have download it in integrality).
I encourrage you to continue this marvelous work.
Davy EPRINCHARD - I'm interrested by all the science and technologie domains - Cosne sur LOIRE - FRANCE - Mon, 29 Sep 1997

am now taking a course: internet for classroom instruction and am just starting using hands on experiments in class
Mark Stoneberger - 3rd grade teacher at J.F.Kennedy Elem. Schl. - music, German and other languages, maps, introducing the scientific method - Kansas City - KS - Tue, 23 Sep 1997

Thank you for your wonderful pages. We particularly enjoyed The Sky in Your Room. We shall try that experiment in our own home. You have great information and you tell it beautifully. We raise a A cuppa......to you
Poppa and Momma Mayer - hawama@webtv.net - http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Hills/5154/ -
Sacramento - CA (USA) - Sat, 20 Sep 1997

Till now I only read one example and liked it. Very interesting. I'll come back to find more and give some further feedback
Victor Mueller - teacher of didactics and science of education - method of teaching, science of education, research of s.o.edu
Birsfelden - Switzerland - Fri, 12 Sep 1997

Should add more High School science Projects and Information
Katrina Cheang - Student - Gymnastics, Tennis, Swimming, Roller Blading, Ice-Skating - Singapore - Wed, 03 Sep 1997

Nice place, my daughter and I enjoyed it very much.
Rafael Calaforra - Chemical Engineer - General Science - Caracas - Venezuela - Wed, 06 Aug 1997

Wow! I teach college level microbiology and immunology and I am very impressed with your projects. They are certainly fun, well written and educational. Congratulations.
Edwin Vazquez - Sun, 3 Aug 1997

Just browsing! Found this site and hope to run across more ideas to make Science interesting to my students.
Terri Gilstad  - tgilstad@bellsouth.net - R Palm Beach - FL - Sat, 02 Aug 1997

This is the first time that I got into your file, and I have found it very interesting, I wll be looking for more in the future. Thank you.
Pat Mancini - ar798@osfn.rhilinet.gov - Warwick - R.I - Sun, 27 Jul 1997

A very interesting collection of science projects - bravo! I am Pres. of the Microscopical Society of Southern California, established in 1938, with a current membership exceeding 100 persons. Our prime purpose is to study and promote the art, science and history of microscopy. Through efforts of several of our members, the Crossroads School of Santa Minica, CA is the proud owner of a Cambridge Instruments scanning electron microscope, which it plans to put on the Net to enable the running of experiments by far distant persons. We hold two meetings monthly (lectures, workshops, show   tell) and publish a monthly Journal of 20 pages. Our VP and Editor is Gaylord Moss <mosss@worldnet.att.net>.
George G. Vitt, Jr. - gvitt@worldnet.att.net - Los Angeles - CA - Wed, 23 Jul 1997

Very interesting-I will be sure to check this on a regular basis.
ofelia gonzalez - ogonzalez@socorro.k12.tx.us - El Paso - Tx - Fri, 18 Jul 1997

Your web site is original and uniquely interesting. I am a homeschooling mom looking for hands-on science sites for my web page, and yours was a wonderful find.
Michele - HaynesClan@aol.com - St. Petersburg - FL - Thu, 17 Jul 1997

Great activities to use in class. Thank you.
Christine Knotts - cknotts@bellatlantic.net - Dover - DE - Fri, 27 Jun 1997

Hi there! I'm a middle school science teacher and this is my first visit to your website. I am teaching a "hands-on science" class this summer and am always looking for experiments to enhance my class lessons! I will let you know what I have used and how successful it was. Thanks for the ideas!
Sage Foster - srfoster@ricochet.net - Bellevue - WA - Fri, 27 Jun 1997

These activities appear to be wonderful projects for enrichment.  Thanks for the effort.
Karol W. Griffith - GAMOOSE@aol.com - Wed, 25 Jun 1997

Is this an Italian Page? It doesn't seem it from the URL, but I have noticed alot of Italian names. I for one would like to see the articles available in lingua originale. Great stuff! Compliments to the contributors!
Larry Stuart - lstuart@rsn.hp.com - Texas - Fri, 20 Jun 1997

It is exciting to see such information to encourage students, and adults, to explore scientific experimentation and instrumentation.
Charlie Rond - rond@ceri.memphis.edu - http://gandlf.ceri.memphis.edu/~rond/psn - Memphis - TN - Wed, 04 Jun 1997

Interesting projects!! My students may get some good ideas here!!
Dennis Leatart - ASTROSEEK@vcnet.com - Moorpark - CA - Mon, 02 Jun 1997

Interesting, I would like to know more about the Sidereal Pointer.
It would be nice if one can mount a small finder scope on to it.

Nick Caporossi - nickcap@ix.netcom.com - NJ - Mon, 02 Jun 1997

interesting site - hope it grows - I'll try to do a contribute
Mark Russell - bullitt@webtv.net - phoenix - az - Sun, 1 Jun 1997

Linda Belle - LA - CA - Mon, 26 May 1997

Great site you have here.  Keep up the good work!!! I haven't had much time to build my site up yet, but feel free to visit
Raul J. Alvarez - ralvarez@frii.com - www.frii.com/~ralvarez/ - Bellvue - CO - Fri, 23 May 97

JAMES LUCKETT - james_t_luckett@ccm.ch.intel.com - CHANDLER - ARIZONA - Fri, 23 May 1997

Science is fun and I would like to contribute a couple of my fun labs.
Deborah Lynn Thompson - thompson_d@wizard.firn.edu - http://www.volusia.k12.fl.us/schools/pineridge -
Deltona - Florida - Sun, 11 May 1997

You should have more topics to choose from on optics, such as cd players, holograms ect.
Jen Anthony - Mississauga - ontario - Tue, 29 Apr 1997

Your site really helped me with my Science Fair Project. Thank You!
Ashley Reynolds - LeoMyQT@aol.com - Sacramento - California - Mon, 28 Apr 1997

I finally found a site that could help me with my son's first science fair!!!!!
Sharon L. RIvera - Fayetteville - North Carolina - Fri, 25 Apr 1997

What nice web site. Good work.
michael thwaites - michael.thwaites@ucop.edu - berkeley - CA - Thu, 24 Apr 1997

I like your fun science ideas. Do you have any on sound?
Mike Weatherby - moonrat@W-link.net - Auburn - WA. - Tue, 22 Apr 1997

A great site!
Nicole Schade - schade@herald.infi.net - FL - Tue, 22 Apr 1997

Enjoyed the information!
cindy neilsen - neilsen@sk.sympatico.ca - Melfort - Saskatchewan - Sun, 20 Apr 1997

please send me more information, i am just a student and i like science very much.
RODERICK PACE GASAN - paceant@waldonet.net.mt - zabbar - malta - Sat, 19 Apr 1997

This is great.  Thank you.
Anne Byrd Donaldson - Byrdon@aol.com - Annapolis - Maryland - Fri, 18 Apr 1997

Good stuff - finally, something that can be understood without having a PHD in Physics! Interesting and fun.
Keep up this kind of work. ...john... (age 59)
John Chandler - cn1092@abaco.coastalnet.com - Morehead City - N.C. - Sun, 13 Apr 1997

7 yr old looking for science projects
Chris Ross - Angel00121@aol.com - Decatur - Il - Sat, 12 Apr 1997

amazing page for children from all age.
gabriel munera guicciardi - munerius@epm.net.co - medellin - colombia - Sat, 12 Apr 1997

Soon to be teacher.... love your site as a resource.
Vicki - vic99@juno.com - Tulare - CA - Fri, 11 Apr 97

I would like any easy science experiments for my Asister who's in the 3rd grade
Jenny Long -SWEETOJJ@aol.com - Livonia - Michigan - Fri, 11 Apr 1997

Thanks for the ideas. Hopefully there will be some Physics other than astronomy and light soon!
Garry Maynard - ellgar@perth.design.net.au - Perth - West Australia - Mon, 07 Apr 1997

I am interested in hands-on science learning activities for preschool-elementary aged children.
Liz Parry - Cary - NC - Sun, 30 Mar 1997

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