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David P. Adam, Ph.D., Geologist.  San Carlos, California, USA. dpadamATpacificDOTnet

Harry C. Brown, Retired advertising executive, co-founder of a wireless Internet service company.  Interests:  microscopy (primarily algae), writing, playing the flute, collecting books. Jackson, Mississippi, USA. Email: hbrown2ATjam.rrDOTcom

Joe Della-Fera, Electronic Technician/Metrologist.  Interests:  optics, microscopy, geology, science in general, history of science and technology, Medieval and Renaissance studies, glass blowing, music.  Pickens, South Carolina, USA.  (Thanks to Angie for her assistance.)

Donald Desaulniers, Ph.D., Hydrogeologist - AMEC Earth and Environmental. Montréal, Québec, Canada.

Michael P. Easterbrook, B.S. in Physics; worked in mass spectroscopy, nuclear accelerators, material science for semiconductors; edited papers for visitors at Caltech.  Enjoys philosophy of science and "skeptics" magazines, almost has a pilot’s license, has run 6 marathons, plays violin and viola in orchestras, likes chamber music.  Age 48, single and engaged for the first time.  San Diego, California, USA.

Drosera. Animal enthusiast, nature nut, and generally awed by science. Site: Aquarium Articles, How To Raise A Baby Bird.

David J. (Paddy) Patterson, Works with the taxonomy of free-living protozoa and protistan evolution.  Sydney, Australia.  Site:  Protsville.  Email:  djpATbio.usyd.eduDOTau

Charles Perry, Technician at International Shortwave Radio Station KNLS in Alaska, USA.  Interests:  photography, cameras, and optics.

Mary Perry, Special Education teacher for Kindergarten through 2nd grade, Writer, and professional proofreader.

Arthur J. Repak, Ph.D., Protozoologist.  College Professor.  Cheshire, Connecticut, USA.  Site:  Email:  ajrepakATworldnet.attDOTnet

Jennifer Spears, M.S., Theoretical Linguistics; B.A., Linguistics, French. Georgetown University, NYU. USA. Email: j.spears.1ATalumni.nyuDOTedu

Larry Stuart, Commercial Pilot.  Interests:  aeronautics, electronics, astronomy, chemistry, nature, SCUBA, travel, languages.

Ed Vogel.  Interests:  optical computing, learning/teaching piano, producing multilingual theater, mostly English and Spanish.  San Diego, California.  E-mail:  epvATpcsi.cirrusDOTcom

David W. Walker.  Site:  Explore the miniature world at Microscopy UK, UK.  Email:  daveATdiwalk.demon.coDOTuk

Giselle Walker, B.Sc. (Hons), Protistologist, University of Sydney - Australia.  Interests:  eukaryote evolution and biology as an excuse to see the world, learning new languages, playing the violin in exotic places.  Sydney, Australia.  Site:  Protsville.  E-mail:  gwalkerATbio.usyd.eduDOTau

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A special thanks to:
Isaac Habert, ENEA-System Manager, who introduced me to the Internet long before the era of Netscape and Internet Explorer. Bologna, Italy.  E-mail:  habertATbolognaDOTeneaDOTit

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