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You can download the Fun Science Gallery's articles directly from your browser. In fact, if you save a page to your computer, you get the html page with all its images intact. This should also be true of all Web pages.

How to download an article with Internet Explorer
- create an empty folder on your hard drive
- with Internet Explorer, open the article that interests you
- save it (Menu: File / Save As)
- Internet Explorer will put the page into the specified folder and all of the images into a subfolder. The page's images and links will automatically be modified (i.e. localized to your computer). Once you have downloaded the article, you can open it with Internet Explorer or any other browser.

Notice: Following this procedure, only open objects will be saved. The text, images, and video that you can see directly on a page without clicking any links are open objects. Closed objects are those hidden behind a link. Some of our articles contain closed objects. You can obtain these closed objects by opening them and downloading them one at a time.

We have also compiled a CD-Rom containing all the Fun Science Gallery articles. You can receive one by making a donation to our site of no less than 25 US$.


The Fun Science Gallery articles are Copyright protected. They are free but are for personal use only. Do not distribute, publish, or sell them, even in a part, without the written permission of the Fun Science Gallery. We ask you to also read our page of Warnings.

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