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The projects presented on the Fun Science Gallery (FSG) website are for educational and entertainment purposes only. While we have made every effort to avoid activities that may be dangerous and to avoid the use of dangerous tools or hazardous materials, some of the projects presented on this site may present certain hazards. In such cases, we have made every effort to advise the reader of possible risks or hazards. Remember that even the simplest of activities, instruments, or the most innocuous substances can be harmful if they are done without the necessary abilities and a minimum attention to safety. For these reasons, the activities we describe here are meant for an adult audience who should assume full responsibility for ensuring their own safety and that of others. We strongly recommend that children or teenagers who want to try to do any of the projects described do so under the direct supervision of an adult. Anyone attempting these projects should consider the inherent risks and take the proper safety measures to avoid personal injury. When necessary, you should consult an expert or someone with the necessary competence and experience. The owner of the site, authors, reviewers, and collaborators cited in the pages presented herein including the sponsors and the Internet host server do not assume any liability, either expressed or implied, for any losses or damages caused as a result of any projects described on this site. 

Never use chemicals whose danger you do not know. Seek information on the precaution of use of the substances before using them. In Internet there are websites which give information on the danger of chemical substances. Some of these are the following:   Links to Substance Information.   Information on the laboratory safety and on other important topics.   Information on the laboratory safety and on other important topics.
If these sites are unreachable, look for other sites. In this search, you could use these or other similar keywords: laboratory safety health hazard substances products.

The warnings we gave you do not exhaust the precautions needed to perform experiments, so you must know how to evaluate the dangers and to get information on the right procedure to follow. We advise you against performing dangerous operations in any field and not only in chemistry. Anyway, if you intend to do this all the same, at least ask for the help of an adult who is expert in this field and, as we have already said, we do not assume any liability.


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You too can contribute to Fun Science Gallery in many ways, particularly with:
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All performances supplied to Fun Science Gallery, such as articles, services or other, become part and parcel of this site and become its property independently from the fact they have been paid or given freely.

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Everything you see in the Fun Science Gallery is free and you can freely access all its pages. In any case, all these articles are protected by copyright, and all rights are reserved. These articles are intended for personal use only. Do not distribute or sell these articles without the written permission of the Fun Science Gallery. Do not use these articles for commercial purposes without the written permission of the Fun Science Gallery. These restrictions are valid as for the whole articles as for their parts.

If you carry out any of these experiments, we'd like you to let us know. We are interested in the difficulties you encountered, your impressions, and so forth. Any suggestions, ideas, or proposals are welcome. We would like also have a brief article with images of your own to be placed in the space devoted to the instruments and experiments made by the readers.

Data and statistics, origin, motivations, aims.

Good luck!

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